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Mushroom Vegetable Potage

Best choices of Taiwan mushrooms, attentively allocated with all kinds of vegetables, fruits and seeds. Our product contains abundant dietary fiber to regulate constitution, help and maintain digestive system. It also has savory flavor, fascinating taste for you to feel satisfied after drinking.

Oat Milk

This low-carlorie,creamy and rich flavor product comes from special ingredients,such as soybean lecithin and natural flax seed. The aromatic flavor and attractive fragrant make Oat Milk the most suitable nutrition supplement for adults and adolescents. INGREDIENT Oat Powder, Soybean Lecithi

Sweet Potato Grain Potage

Sweet potatoes are tasty and full of nutrition such as protein, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin. We added Tainung No.57 sweet potatoes, natural grains and seeds into our supplement for you to regulate acidic body, reduce body burden and maintain digestive system function. IN